Belode Woluk

UPDATE : The game has been Greenlit by Steam ! >>> LINK

UPDATE 2 : Don't forget to check the FAQ somewhere on that page !


Congratulations ! If you found this page, this surely means that you played the demo ! :D Thanks for that.

Now let me apologize if there's not that much content at all here... yet... But please, come back later ! I'll add some content, character descriptions, galleries, and maybe even a little snack. Do you like peanuts ?


And here's the "trailer" thing that I had to do. It's so rushed and I feel so bad about it, but for some reason I like it's amateurism, and the ridicule of it makes such a fantastic contrast to the much much muuuuuuuch darker content of the game. I love playing with extremes :)


THE FAQ ! (it's a WIP too, everything's a WIP. I hate WIP. I mean : look out the window, it's spring, colors are coming back, it's warm, there's sun. And I'm sitting here with WORK IN PROGRESS instead of living out there ! Fuck you, WIP !)

Feel free to ask me whatever you want, I'll add the questions and even give you credit, if you're up for such filth.



•What kind of game is this ?

Now that's a great question to start that section !


• Why did you decide to make a game ? Why didn't you get a real job instead ?

Well... What kind of answer do you want ? I have two for you, pick your poison :

1. I likez games and I wanted to make a game hurfdurf.

2. I'm, as all of us, an individual with dreams, hopes and desires. I'm too lazy to finish that questin right now. I figured out I have a pimple on my nose, and it's too distracting to type.


• Why does that homepage suck so much ass ?

First of all : fuck you !

Then, well, as everything : I'm an amateur. I do everything from scratch, I'm learning, eventually improving. But I'm doing my best with my current skills.



• ZeroZeroQuatre... that sounds somewhat familiar...

Nope. (< I think this link doesn't work, no clue why... Now don't be lazy and just type it !)

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